I m taking Kotak eprefered term plan of 35lac?

Anyboby have idea about online policy of Kotak…Is it worth to take Kotak eprefered term plan of 35lac? What about claim settlement ratio for same?

I m taking Kotak eprefered term plan of 35lac?
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  1. First of all check out premium for Rs.50 lacs and Rs.51 lacs and compare with your S.A. of Rs.35 lacs. You may get higher S.A. at lower premium rates.

    Secondly, no company can reject death claim if the applicant has filled application form correctly and truly. Do not hide any pre-existing diseases or any other policies you have.

    Still, on a paper, write down insurance ombudsman address and phone no. and attach that paper with the policy bond. Your family members may need that in case of claim settlement.

    Otherwise, go ahead with the plan after comparing with other online insurance providers like ICICI Prudential, Aegon Religare etc.

    Hope it will help you.

  2. Find out the rates of Aegon Religare on their website.

    Why don’t you split the policy and take half from Kotak and half from Aegon ?

    Have a look at the increasing cover policy , & critical illness riders.

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