I lost my Income tax return form anyway to get a copy of it?

I work for a MNC, i have lost my income tax return form which I received after submitting form 16. Is there any way I can get another copy? I already tried asking my company where I work for- they did not have any answer

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  1. If you have e-filed your return, then you can log on at income tax department website and check there. . . It contains your returns,acknowldegement, etc . . .

  2. If you filed your return manually, meet your jurisdiction assessing officer and request for copy of the acknowledgement. You need to provide the acknowledgment number and date on which you filed the return. If you filed the return electronically, log in to your account and see in my returns there you can find your previous year acknowledgements.

  3. Just for your information:

    What you have submitted is ITR – Form1 or 2 and not Form 16.

    What you have lost is the Acknowledgement.

    What has your company to do with the Acknowledgement?

    Visit ITO and contact your AO.


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