I live in Mumbai – India, Which is the best & No 1 Mediclaim Health Insurance for me & my Family ?

I require to a better product in all which will cost me appropriate & will give me the best service & returns in terms of medical reimbursements for my family.
Please suggest me from your past experience that if I live in Mumbai ā€“ India then what should I opt for from Tata Aig , ICICI Pru Life, Reliance, or any government company ???

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  1. New India Assurance, public sector, is the best. Their HO being in Mumbai, you can follow up in case of any disagreement with local branch. Service also is good.

    If you want Private Sector then consider Star Health. A recent entrant with good reputation.

  2. you live any were india .but i think and also experienced that andhra bank arogyadaan mediclaim policy is best bcause its premium is lowest campare to any other scheme and all facilities are same also certified by FHPL so you can opt for it. i am telling you that you dont take the policy first you compare the premium of all policy with arogyadhaan

  3. i think new india assurance from govt. is having low premiums compared to others & appolo health care plan is good with family floater .

  4. Hi Friend,
    All the Insurance company is best in market but what is your need ya your requirement tell me and how many person in your Family so I am tell which is the best product for u…

    Hiren Trivedi
    [email protected]

  5. U can go for health saver plan which gives you mediclaim and also health fund which also protect you for day care expenses like catract, fractures, dental treatment, chemotherapy etc. Husband, wife and 3 children are covered. Mediclaim is guaranteed till the age of 75 and health fund till 99 years. Premium of this fund is compared to high but u r covered for medicalim and daycare treatment. After 10 years even if u stop premium, Mediclaim will be renewed from health kitty you generate. Hence no fear of lapse.

    Mediclaim is must for everybody if unfortunately you have bad health it takes away health, wealth and peace of the family. Instead of thinking too much you must make your decision immediately.

    For further details you can reach us on 9870020060.

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