4 Replies to “I invst in MF.Thematic fnds lose favour fast.Advise is 2 review performance. How often, what yardstick 4 this?”

  1. Hi, first I am a Mutual Fund Advisor. The thematic funds offered by Mutual Funds have a specific purpose/target to invest in a set of stocks across all sectors-like energy, power, IT,etc. They perform well only in the long term and you could have seen them offered as a “close ended”scheme. This means that you have to stay invested for a long term and the India growth story being in tact you just invest and no need to review the performance now and then. My advice is thematic fund should also be in your portfolio and you have to see the “end result” always.

  2. Hi. Thematic or sector funds are more risky compared to diversified equity. Some adverse news or government policy can effect the sector and eventually effect the fund performance..

    In diversified equity the fund manager has the option to shift your money from one sector to another if need arises, thous offering you diversification.

    I offer my customers a fort nightly review of their investments in all mutual funds.
    If you need I can send a performance review of various mutual funds.
    Happy investing

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