5 Replies to “I have two daughters so which mutual fund scheme is better for my daughters?”

  1. I’ll just assume here, b/c I’m not sure if this is for college, or for them later in life, but:

    You need a few things:
    1. A great mutual fund or funds with good track records
    2. You need diversification (don’t just pick 1 style fund)
    3. They have a lot of time on their hands, so they don’t really need bonds in their funds

    try this allocation, and try and build some funds around it.

    70% US / 30% International

    50% Large Companies
    20% Mid-Size Companies
    15% Small Companies
    8% Real Estate Stocks
    7% Gold/Precious Metals

    As time goes by, slowly get more and more conservative.

    You want to be aggressive, but diversified and have a plan, and a strategy. Don’t be afraid to get some help!! There are pros out there.

  2. Its better to go with equity linked schemes. Although the risk involved will be higher, the returns will be equally good. So I recommend Sundaram Select Midcap fund

  3. if you have investment horizon for say 10-12 years, invest in any good fund house mutual fund, and pick a fund investing in oil,gas,real estate and infrastructure,and then forget it for 10 years, and all dividents reinvested, and i guess your investment after 10 years will be like 20 re for every 1 re invested…be patient.

  4. I suggest you to pick a fund from the list here http://www.maheshonline.com/best-performing-mutual-funds-equity-diversified-equity-tax-saving/ I have researched a lot and then picked those funds…. And out of that I recommend Reliance Diversified Power Sector Fund, ICICI Pru Infrastructure Fund, Kotak Opportunities Fund and Reliance Regular savings Fund… AND Principal Personal Tax Saver Fund (FOR SAVING TAX) these are the top ones……. with best returns..

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