I have to write a letter to bank manager?

Actually i have a property that is on rent to bank, but now the lease agreement is going to expire. But i am not satisfied with the rent i am getting, because the rent is too low according the rate of property, the current rent is 25000 INR. But i am expecting minimum 35000 now. Pls help me in writing a impressive letter.

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  1. Its always better to incorporate Rent hike clause at the time of renewal with an agreed % which will take care automatically. Other wise letter as follows
    Dear Sir
    As you are aware the exorbitant increase in everything & particularly in Rent in our area I/we are forced to increase the Rent from Rs:25,000/- to Rs:35,000 which is normally acceptable according to the present market rate. I am sure that you will agree to renew the contract (if already contract is there). Otherwise prepare a fresh agreement for 35,000

  2. When commercial propery rent tarif’s are halved, you may not get any thing from the bank.
    They may terminate the contract and get to cheaper premisis.

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