2 Replies to “I have to know some information to invest in mutual funds please assist for me?”

  1. First of all you have taken correct decision about investing in mutual funds. Here is what you need to know

    1. Invest only through SIP
    2. Pick a few good equity funds like HDFC Top 200
    3. Stay invested for a long time

    There are many ways on investing online. You can also invest through the mutual fund’s company’s website online.

  2. Investing in mutual funds is a great idea. You can start with an investment of as low as Rs 1000 per month in a SIP scheme. SIP or Systematic Investment Plan involves making fixed payments over a particular period of time and eliminates the need for having a huge initial capital.

    You can invest directly into mutual funds of your choice, but a broker can help you find the right investment opportunities and create an MF portfolio that meets your goals. I would suggest going through a broker if you are new to mutual funds investment.

    You have to find a broker you can trust. I find the services offered by GEPL Capital quite reliable. If you want, you can check out the services they offer on their website!

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