i have to invest in mutual fund please advice which one is the best for the entry level?

Should i have to invest in Reliance or other Mutual fund please advice and in which scheme i have invest.
i am very much confusion in investing because there are serveral company in the market.
I have to invest lumsum of amount in MF for long period of 3 years.

I have one more question should i have to invest in insurance scheme or Mutual fund.

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  1. insurance schemes almost always have ruinous sales commissions, which you pay through poor investment performance and fees.

    you did not say where you are.

    In America, I recommend Vanguard Funds for new investors [if you’re going to invest in any fund at all] because their costs and fees are the lowest in the business.

    Can’t say for other nations’ funds though.

  2. This is not an easy question to answer. It is best that you make up your own mind. I am going to provide you with a link that will offer enough data that you can make your choice base on your own research.


    This is the main link. Use the search and compare buttons to the right to drill down into the funds. Double click on the fund name to see the details of the fund including performance history, fees, and minimums. And who to contact to buy some.

  3. this is good timeto invest in mutual fund, so the market is falled. invest in ICICI power or dynamic sceem, RELIANCE groth,or equity, HDFC groth or premier multi , sbi magnum and more. you invest more than 5 to 10 equity sceem so you can reduce risk throw diversification. past perfomance not sure for future. if you invest different funds and sceems is good to get average benifit

    pls not go with insuarence sceem, you lost more money in the name of charges. i am already working with insuarence and mutual fund section

    if you want more about mutual funds contact me

  4. returns of uti infrastructure fund,tata infrastructure fund,SBI magnum contra funds are high.you better invest in UTI infrastructure advantage fund series-2 (or)Reliance natural resources fund

  5. at this point of time Relaince Mutual Fund’s
    seems very promising as it is sector specific to best sectors at this point of time
    namely, oil gas, power, energy etc……

    its a new fund offer open till 30th jan’08

  6. Sundaram BNP Paribas has good funds – particularly their Select Midcap fund which is performing very well.

    SBI also has the Magnum Contra fund which has given decent returns.

  7. it is better to go for insurance y b.cos there is insurane alongwith multiplicatoin of your amounts as well as mutual funds in bajaj allianz one polocy is there centuryplus if you any assistance please all by phone 09949836789

  8. every mutual fund has its objective …. as u want to invest lumpsum and for 3 yrs i will advice u to go for RELIANCE NATURAL RESOURCES FUND its a new fund at nav of 10 rs open ended and can give a good return in a time period of 3 ys by good return i mean,,,,, more than 200% thats not a joke ……. rel div power fund has given 147% return in a yr and broken all the records world wide…….. my suggestion go for rel natural resouce fund……. new nfo closes on 30th jan…

  9. the best tools of investing in MF are,,,you need to study on the performance of the company,funds,distributions that paid ,track record n the fund manager himself…but best of all get a professional advice from the MF consultant so you no need to monitor by yrself!!
    monthly investment or regular investment can gv you better performance….tq/rossi

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