i have to get a income tax refund of Rs. 3500 from income tax department. How can i claim it?

I have contacted CPC several times. but there is no use. Is it possible to get the refund directly from the Income tax office itself.

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  1. 1. For the Assessment Year 2011-12 You have to submit Income Tax Return, in appropriate form, at your Income Tax ward on or before 31st July. It will take about a year to get refund.
    2. You can also submit IT Return on line. For this visit incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in. Last date 31st July.
    3. For assessment year 2010-11 , if you have already submitted return, you will get refund, if all particulars are OK. TDS amount posted by you , must match with that amount, posted at NSDL by your Bank or Employer.
    You can also meet your IT Officer of your Ward/circle for further information.

  2. It takes a min of 6 months to get refund of tax… and some times takes more than a year..
    u cannot get the amount directly from income tax dept… they ll refund either by cheque or deposit directy into ur bank ac.
    visit the respective ward of income tax dept and enqire bout it..

  3. I got my tax returns of 2007 in 2010 around Rs 5000.
    Once you file your income tax returns, depending on your claim. The IT dept will process and send you a check or will deposit the amount into your account directly.

    Following it is of no help. When you forget it, suddenly you will get the refund (without interest). But if we delay the payment we have to pay with interest.

  4. After processing of the return if certain amount is found refundable, the same is refunded with interest. normally the refund is issued as expeditiously as possible to avoid the liability of payment of interest You may have to wait for a period of 6 months to one year for the refund after filing your return, thereafter you may approach your assessing officer for redressal of your grievance..

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