I have started investing in mutual funds from last month, pl.guide me.?

from last month I started investing in Mutual funds on SIP AS BELOW:
DSP black rock small and midcap fund -growth-Rs.2000permonth
relianceequity oppurtunity fund-retail plan-growth-Rs.2000 per month.

please. give suggestions, how many months or years to continue.


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  1. HDFC has a pretty good track record. A sound holding, but I notice it is also the one in which you are investing the least.

    DSP also. I am not certain though that it is such a good idea to invest that large a percentage into smaller companies though. That might bight you in a market downturn like in 2008 when it lost 58% of its value. HDFC lost only 49% but then one might argue there is nothing only about 49%.

    Reliance sort of falls somewhere between.

    Are you putting money away in a saving account too? If not you might consider diverting just a tad to something a little less risky just to make sure you have something on hand when better opportunities present themselves such as during 2008 for example.

    Good mutual funds are met to be invested in for years not months. Think 10 years for example. At a very minimum 5 years unless all of a sudden one or more deviates from its norm. If that happens bail out.

  2. you better invest in reliance equity fund rel growth fund rel vision fund all in growth option for at least 2 to 3 years you will sure gain

  3. Hi,

    First off all i want to tell you HDFC EQUITY FUND -GROWTH this is a good fund and HDFC TOP 200, Reliance Equity Opotunity Fund is also a very good Mutual Fund.

    The time perioud is tottly depand upon the market.
    When you you get good profit and you need money then Swich it, But minimum 5 years to continue….

  4. HDFC EQUITY fund is a multicap fund with a 5 star rating by value research.

    DSP BR small & midcap fund is also 5 star rated

    Reliance Equity Opportunities is a midcap fund

    Ideally your core investment should be in large cap.

    So invest Rs 3000 SIP in HDFC EQUITY and Rs 1000 in each of the other two.

    Visit http://www.valueresearchonline.com to understand mutual funds.

    Invest via SIP for 1 year. Review the performance & rating before renewing again .

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