I have started investing 5,000 pm through SIP in 5 mutual funds schemes from previous month.?

Rs.1,000 in each of them. All those schemes are dividend reinvestment. I want continue it as growth schemes of the same funds.To change from D-reinvest to growth what should I do? The funds are :
1. Kotak opportunities.
2.Magnum Contra.
3. Reliance power diversified fund.
4.ICICI Pru Infrastucture.
5. HDFC Prudence.

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  1. You can switch all of the by going to the switch link in the respective funds if you have subscribed on-line.

    But if you are offline you need to contact each of your Mutual Fund support centre through email or you can go to their office and fill up a request form for switch.

    Most schemes allow free switched up to a limit please enquire the details about the switching before doing it from their offices. In certain cases there a a small fees is charged.
    Also some funds are not even able to switch.

    My Personal Suggestion: Please wait for at-least 3 months to get good returns from your investment in Mutual funds. Almost you money will get doubles in 3 years.

  2. You can contact the Mutual Fund agent through which you purchased these funds. You just have to fill a small slip for switching the options in the funds.

    Look at this site to get the latest information of all the Mutual funds

  3. nice way to start
    slowly u will know which fund has done better than the other
    slowly u will learn that ulip plan of an insurance company is also similar in nature but provides additional security cover
    to switch fro div reinvest to growth u have to give written instruction to these funds

  4. You watch the mutual fund perfomance which MF Iinvested by you any poor perfomance you can switch option avialable in the fund. please wait at least 3 years for better return.

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