I have Rs. 3,50,000 to invest.Can anyone suggest a combination of investment avenues by which I can get?

maximum return in 6 years ? I don’t want to invest in shares/mutual funds. A combination of NSC,FD,RD,Post office MIS etc. Please suggest a proper combination to get maximum return in 6 years.

I have Rs. 3,50,000 to invest.Can anyone suggest a combination of investment avenues by which I can get?
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  1. You must invest in different sectors to safeguard against collapse of any one of them. You have to set your own priority between risk & return. Low risky ventures will yield low returns.

    I’ll advise to split your capital in three parts say 2 lac for safest investments viz. Bank FD, NSC etc.; another part of say 1 Lac with LIC as it guarantees your life against uncertainities & assured increased returns at end of policy’s tenure & 50k in equity market (though you don’t want to) but I’ll advise to go with equity market is at almost bottom level & you will be definitely in gaining position in long run.

  2. Split your Rs 350,000 into 7 to 10 parts.
    Invest in Fixed Deposit of companies for 36 months or more to yield 12% p.a. interest. (0.50% more for Sr Citizens in some cases). If the interest for a deposit is less than Rs 5,000 p.a., then there is no deduction of tax at source. Some of the companies paying high interest are: TV-18, Tata Motors Ltd, Jagatjit Industries Ltd, Gabriel India Ltd, Jaiprakash Associates Ltd, JCT Ltd, Tamil Nadu Power Finance Ltd, NABARD etc. The applications can be made in joint names.
    Even though you are averse to investing in shares, 2009 is the best time to invest in shares for maximum returns by 2015. Warren Buffet said “Be greedy when others are fearful, and be fearful when others are greedy”. Many shares are available at their 5 to 6 years low levels, i.e. before the FIIs came and invested like mad. The stock market is expected to rise again from the end of 2009 and the Sensex is expected to breach the previous high by 2015. Another 8-year bear-hug is expected in 2016.
    You can happily invest in “High Dividend Yield Stocks”, enjoy the dividends and encash your principal amount whenever you wish.

  3. 1. IDBI F.D. 9.5% for 1100 days[3yrs]. 80C
    2. Senior citizen saving scheme: 9%, 5year;Available at P.O. and P.S.U. banks. /80C.

    3.K.V.P. – 8.41% – Money doubles in 8 years 7 months. Taxable.
    4. P.O. Monthly Income Scheme, is 8% for 6 years, with 5% bonous at the end. [And if you do short FDs of the little monthly payouts of the MIS, though a combersome work], you may earn a little more.] Taxable.
    5. Last is NSC at 8% for 6 years. /80C

    These are the best. Hope this answers you well enough.
    [And atlest 10% you can safely invest in RIL. Should double in 6 years.]

  4. I nowadays market crisis, if you are serious to invest and have no intention to lose your money, you can google for HSFX Asset Management and start consistent profits!

  5. you seem to be risk averse.in investment sector there is a saying- don’t put all the eggs in one basket’. the name you have mentioned are debt/bond oriented.
    so i don’t see diversification.the return expected for such a long tenure would be very less-might maximum beat the inflation,but the fund/money won’t grow much.

    you need to be looking at various option(diversification) and balanced fund(mix of bond and equity) would be better idea if you are reluctnat to invest all money in equity.being in debt for such tenure,doesn’t seem to e working out fine.

  6. Split the amount into lacs and deposit in Banks like IOB for reinvestment plans: you will get more interest @12% simple and above if the period is more than 2 years: In case of emergenty you can vail loan or if necessary you can close:

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