I have received a letter from Icome tax office asking to pay arrear outstanding payment?

The nature of demand is given as 143(1) and the assement year as 2008-09. What should I do now. How do I contact income tax office and check whats this all about. I have my form16 and 12B forms with me. Could anyone help me out on what do to now? Thanks

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  1. as with any demand for payment
    make sure that the entity demanding payment is who they say they are.
    and with that established, THEN contact the tax office and ask for
    instructions as to how to proceed. Do you want to protest the demand
    or simply pay? … I can not advise you on this you may need to hire
    an expert.


  2. Firstly verify your record and copy of ITR. In case your papers are o.k. Visit your Assessing Income Tax Officer. Get Assessment order and pay the demand only after your satisfaction.

  3. You are not the only one. Almost every one is in the same boat. This is how Income Tax Department in India works and have been working for last 20 years. The department does not have proper record of TDS deposited that is why it did not give you all or some credit for the TDS.

    You have to go to the Assessing office. File your reply. You may have to attach original copies of Form 16 and 12B.
    Good Luck.

  4. Compare your computation of income with intimation u/s 143(1). Locate the difference, and reason out how the difference has been arrived. Pay attention to incomes considered and total taxes paid. If your computation is correct, take copies of return, TDS certificate and Form 16, file rectification letter with copies and submit to department. Thanks

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