5 Replies to “I have no idea about mutual fund. I want to invest Rs2000/- per month in 2 sip for long time, please advise me?”

  1. For rupee cost averaging one can choose the option of investing in mutual funds opting into SIP.We suggest funds according to ones capacity of taking risk.But since you do not know about anything you can start with best performing HDFC TOP 200 or RELIANCE GROWTH.If you want more options and suggestions you can contact me on my email address and i can mail you form too…[email protected]…..

  2. pl refer http://www.valueresearchonline.com. there are many mutual funds. some are debt funds, some are diversified equity funds, et etc. your selection of fund depends upon your risk taking capacity, your age, duration of investment, you may open SIP a/c of rs.1000/- each in birla midcap and hdfc200-growth option.

  3. HDFC TOP 200 AND RELIENCE GROWTH 1000/- each per month go long as you can,until you are in need of your money.You will get nice appriciation.

  4. dear manipal
    you r not mention your goal other saving. but its a nice idea to save throw SIP i suppose this is going to first experience with mutual fund. my personal suggestion for you is that you should start with HDFC TOP 200. which is a large cap fund and past performance is very good. 2nd fun is for you is Reliance Growth. investing in mutual fund is subject to market risk please read od before investing

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