27 Replies to “I have invested in Gold ETF can i take physical delivery of gold?”

  1. It is going broke , not enough money coming in to maintain itself or pay the basic bills

    I would think there is a money laundering or some kind of fraud going on there.

  2. Once in a year a must. You may approach Bank manager and request him to verify the pensioner at home and generally they depute someone from bank for the purpose or a police officer verification may also work.

  3. This is the traditional way of buying gold for Indian people and still accounts for a majority of the purchases.A Trusted Jeweler is a common thing found amongst rich and middle class Indian families.Most of the jewelery and gold buying is done from this person.However the disadvantages of this form of gold buying are many.The purity of the gold is always a question and the margin charged is generally much higher.Also the bid-ask spread is more than an ETF since you would get a much lower selling price for your gold.However this continues to be the dominant form of gold buying in India despite the potential risk of cheating.

  4. Kotak Gold ETF, HDFC Gold ETF is good option to select from…

    You can’t buy one gram gold etf, but you can buy one unit of Gold ETF

    more so in ICICI direct their is option to start sip in Gold ETF funds.

    In SIP
    Even if you select say for example Rs. 5000 sip amount every month , it will be allowed(allotted) in units, say for example the gold price on sip date is 3500, then one unit will be allotted and will be charged accordingly
    or another example if gold etf price is 2000 then in that case two units will be allotted.

    Charges: they will charge 0.5%-1 on purchase.

    check this more about different option of Gold investment in India

  5. Hi

    You may go to nseindia .com, There is a separate write up for etf. u cannot get the delivery of gold. but ur investment is backed by equivalent gold, As etf is listed in nse, the value of which is approx one gram of gold, you may sell it any time. there is no stt or any other tax. only brokerage u have to pay.kay

  6. The very purpose of having Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) backed 100% by Gold is to do away with hassles of custody , security and purity verification related issues. You can redeem the fund and buy in market. This is only (indirect ) way to get Physical delivery of Gold out of Gold ETF. But in principle you can get money and not physical gold from redemption of Gold ETF.

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