7 Replies to “I have invested in different schemes of mutual funds principally of UTI, Birla Sunlife, PNB Principal and SBIM”

  1. there is no remedy at all. one has to wait.in any case the share prices are not going to touch zero. they have to recover sooner or later. all that one has to do now is to have patience or take a chance to sell all your holdings now and enter again when the market falls another 200 points or so.,

  2. Patience is virtue during these falling times. Warren Buffet said that markets transfer money from active to passive . Patience pays !

  3. It is the same case with many investors who have invested in MF and stocks.
    Most of them have entered during the market life time highs and are now locked down in life time lows. This has burnt deep holes in the pockets of many investors.

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