6 Replies to “I have invested in 3 mutual funds on SIPs. Should I stay invested in this economy or should I pull away?”

  1. You should start buying in this economy.

    Don’t think of this as a short-term play. Know your risk tolerance and be real with yourself. But, it’s too good to pass up.

  2. Hi,
    You have mentioned only the fund houses not the funds. See, each fund house has 50 to 70 funds which invest in different asset classes. So chose your fund carefully, spread across different assets : equity, debt, gilt, commodity and cash funds, and go for a fund which has a performance history.
    Yes, SIP is the best way to invest in these volatile times. Be invested for at least 3 to 5 years for better returns.
    Let me know the fund names, I can give you suggestions based on that.

  3. Investments in shares & mutual funds should have been done only with the money which you would not need to serve your urgent requirements.

    Since, you have already invested, and when there is no urgent need for that money, why do you disturb that and loose heavily.

    Just forget about that money and wait until the share market gets better. All days will be not the same. Fallen markets should rise one day or other.

  4. SIP is the best way to invest your money as your risk gets spread out. Mutual fund investment is always for long term and hence please stay invested but don’t invest fresh now. once market establishes its bottom start investing again through SIP.

  5. Without giving the Funds it is difficult to give a perfect answer. But as far as SIP method is concerned , it is better to stay invested because, you will units at a low price so more units for you. The current downtrend will give a turbo boost once the markets are up.

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