I have daughter of 9th month age. Is there any insurance policy I can now join for these girl for?

hi my date of birth is 5/6/1982 and my girl baby date of birth is 23/5/2009….i want invest 25000 for year my child….plz tell me which child police is best for her studies and marrage

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  1. HI Venkatesh
    Its really very good to know that you are so much concerned for your Girl child.
    I would recommend you to invest in Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) with a term of 20 years.
    In such plans you can invest minimum of 500Rs to any amount every month.
    Its a very safe investment and gives very prominent retursns


  2. If you wish to build a nest for future financial needs of your daughter, AVOID life insurance policies. What does a life policy provide? Low returns and life insurance cover. You are not interested in life insurance cover. You want to accumulate money with decent returns. Hence avoid child policies. Instead, invest in Mutual Funds. There are many plans for children. To name just three, there is ICICI Prudential Child care Plan, HDFC Children’s’ Plan and Principal Child Benefit Plan. Invest a lump sum initially and thereafter invest through monthly SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), as low as Rs. 1000 p.m. Instead of investing in just one mutual Fund, spread your investment over 3-4 Funds.

  3. Hello,

    Its good to know that the intention that you have… happy ot hear this…

    There are few policies that addresses your requirement.. such as Aviva’s Young Scholar, HDFC Child Plan, ICICI, LIC… etc.,

    Among the all the best plan is that which takes care of unforeseen incident and ensure that child education will not be interrupted. At the same time your need to check for the plan which provide waiver of all premiums and add all these premium value at one go in fund value. This way you will get lumpsum amount for fund and child will be benefited for education in case of unforeseen incident.

    Also do not forget to take a rider which take care of inflation..

    Hope this infor will help you…

  4. Insurance is NOT an investment. You might repost your question under the “investing” category.

    Alnd, never post any personal information on this or any website, like birthdates.

  5. Insurance is not Investment. By taking insurance you will be limiting the growth of the corpus for your child. For investment – PPF / Direct Equity / SIP in mutual funds are better options. Please have enough PURE TERM COVER for yourself.

  6. Hi Mr venkatesh,

    i appreciate your decision of planning for your child future…

    according to given information

    your age 28 and your baby age 1, investment 25k per annum,

    you will require lumpsum amount for her higher education and her marriage etc.

    i will suggest you to go for Hdfc Young Star Supreme Plan to secure your child’s future…

    here i will give you brief projection of this plan details

    father Age-28, Child Age-1 and investment-25000pa

    case study 1:

    every year you will be investing 25000 for the term of 15yrs

    when your child attains the age of 16 you will be getting lumsump amount of 14,26,000 which will be help ful for her education.

    case study 2:

    every year you will be investing 25000 for the term of 20yrs

    when your child attains the age of 21 you will be getting lumsump amount of 32lacs which will be help ful for her marriage purpose.

    another feature in this plan is any point of time after completion of 5 years your can have partial withdrawl when ever you require money.

    main benefit in this plan is double benefit, it means, what ever happens to the father in between the policy term your planning for child future will not be disturbed. in your absence also you child future is secured..

    case study:

    let us take the term of 18yrs,

    case 1:

    every year father is paying 25k at 18th year child will receive 32lacs as maturity benefit.

    case 2:

    every year father is paying 25k and at the 3rd year unfortunately father has died, immediately company will give 125000 to the nominee, even after giving the sumassured also plan will not stop here it will be continued further and there is no need to pay further 15premiums it will be paid by the company every year and again at the 18th year of the policy your child will get 32lacs which will be use ful for higher education or marriage purpose…

    this is a double benefit plan “what ever happens to me my child future will be secured”

    her life is secured in my presence and in my absence also…

    god bless your family…

    for any clarification you can call me on 09247205015 or youcan mail me to [email protected]

    Thanks and regards,
    krishna mohan

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