I have been transferred from Gurgaon to Bangalore. How to claim my tax refund ?

My employment has been tranefrred to bangalore. I had filed saral form last year in Delhi/Gurgaon. Can I visit the Bangalore inocme tax office with the filed returns to claim tax refund ? Waht is income tax ombudsman contact address and ph no?

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  1. Well Mr Sanjay,
    Your present jurisdiction is the place where you have filed yr return. When you file your next return then your PAN will be migrated to new office .
    Thus your IT refund will be processed from Gurgaon or Delhi office . This year the refund is being sent from SBI after assessment by Income tax dept.
    However you may sent a written request to the present office of Income tax to transfer your file to Banglore as your place of job has been changed . But this does not help you. You may directly sent a letter to the ITO about the status of tax refund in your return.
    You may get the Income tax ombudsman contact no from http://www.incometaxindia.gov.in
    Hope this help you .

  2. u may file your return to the ito in whose jurisdiction u were resideing in the relevant previous year and get refund. the addresses of the authorities may be had from departmental website. u can search the same on web.

  3. u will get the income tax refund from the office where u filed the return. If u can give the circle no/ward number we can give u the adress of the concerned officer.

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