4 Replies to “i have andhra bank visa gold credit card, i want to send money to my friend in usa holding boa account?”

  1. I very much doubt if this kind of overseas remittance/money transfer transaction ‘directly’ using a credit card issued by your Andhra Bank is permissible in India. All these cards are subject of RBI regulations and also governed by FEMA. Any violation may lead to serious criminal offence attracting heavy penalties and imprisonment.

    Two safe options could be considered here. One, consult your bank and proceed complying formalities for remittance/money transfer through your bank account. Secondly, draw cash against this credit card, if such facility is available to you, and use such drawing for remittance. Avoid using Paypal/Western Union services etc for oversees outward remittances.

    Oversees shopping/payments for services is feasible, subject to rules, using only international cards – through online or netbanking. However, direct outward remittances/ money transfers (without any shopping etc. transactions) using even international cards is prohibited. Consult your card issuing bank for re-confirmation and advice.

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