3 Replies to “i have an HDFC easy shop international debit card,can i do online transactions?”

  1. You need to have your internet banking user ID & password to make online transactions. If you have signed up for internet banking, then you can make purchases wherever the web site allows you to make payment thru internet banking. However, u can’t use ur debit card the way we use credit cards online. U need to login to your HDFC account online & make the payment.

  2. In Messenger, click “Actions” then “Make a phone call” follow your prompts to join “Yahoo Voice”.

    There, you will get the information you need.

  3. Yes u can , Net Banking and Debit cards are 2 different things, it will prompt you with the VISA VERIFIED sign though. It is a simple process that would prompt you with a security question and ask you to select a Password ……………….make sure that u select a good one …………online transactions are ” Manual Entries ‘ and generally involve the 16 digit card number , expiration date , and the CVV2 code ( located on the signature panel ) ………….the new VISA verified thingee is to reduce on-line frauds . As getting the card information thru Key loggers or Social engineering is way too easy

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