4 Replies to “i have a ulip policy -icici life time gold which is just 1 yr old shd i continue with it in d currnt scenario?”

  1. 1 year old policy means you have already passed the period of maximum charges in ULIP policy and looking at the performance of last 1 year you have also incurred maximum losses on the amount that was invested. so if you are looking at it in long term prospective then continue it considering that the NAVs are at bottom now. but again the finance experts never advise to mix the Insurance and investment. it is considered bad in therms of investment. so do some reserch on finance sites ( i would recommed http://www.moneycontrol.com ) and decide yourself.

  2. Good question!

    ULIPs are not like Mutual Funds where you buy and later decide to discontinue it. You should continue ULIPs for a minimum period of three years. Longer the better, because ULIPs have a high upfront cost implications, so you will benefit only if you continue it for a long duration.

    Check out this article : http://www.personalmoney.in/the-ulip-euphoria-is-it-justified/340

    As far as current scenarios goes, it makes sense to enter stock market through Mutual Funds, ULIPs or even direct equities route. So don’t worry about the short term ups and downs in the long term you will generate good returns.

    check out this article : http://www.personalmoney.in/is-it-the-right-time-to-enter-stock-market/214

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