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    We are a leading property managers and administrators at Bangalore.
    We provide total, integrated services.
    – Personalized and confidential consultancy
    – Property Maintenance,
    – Pay Taxes, Betterment Charges and all other taxes.
    – Conversion of revenue/agricultural lands for commercial and industrial use.
    – Liaison with the State and Central Govt Department.
    – Consent from State and Central Pollution Control Boards.
    – Plan, Install, Commission and Maintain Effluent and Sewage Treatment Plant.
    – Installation and monitoring of water treatment plants.
    – Regularisation of revenue sites/properties/buildings at Bangalore.
    – Status report with photos and details of properties.
    – GPS surveillance via Google Maps of your property
    – Detailed history report of your property, encumbrance certificates, Katha certificates, katha extract, RTC, Mutation, Survey sketch, reports, akarband, atlas of the properties.
    – Verification of all the original documents pertaining to the property.
    – Legal opinion.
    – Property Registration.
    – Property Valuation.
    – Building evaluation.
    – Security services
    – Tracking address changes
    – Police involvement in case of emergency.

    Please call on us or mail us at

    [email protected]
    [email protected]