2 Replies to “i have a ppf a/c. in sbi bank at bhayander branch in name of minor can i apply for credit card in personaname?”

  1. 1st of all, Minors are not eligible for credit card (even if they have source of income).

    Second of all, the question of PPF A/c or any other deposit A/c or investment does not arise at all in case of Credit card application.

    To get a credit card, u must be a salaried person, or show some income in IT returns.

    Moreover, I understand that, in tha past, the banks, mostly pvt & foreign banks have been issuing credit cards even to non-worthy persons.

    Hope this clarifies ur query.

  2. The type of card you choose is dependent upon how you plan on paying your card and what you’re looking for. If you plan on paying your balance in full each month (and they calculate interest based on your average daily balance for one statement cycle instead of over a 2 month billing period) then there is no reason for you not to do cash back or points because even though those cards have higher interest rates if you’re paying off in full every month by the payment due date you’re not going to be charged finance charges.


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