4 Replies to “i have a hdfc bank so can i do 3rd party transfer to icici bank a/c holder?”

  1. You can do the transfer(online) but before that please check if you the following in place:

    1) Third party Transfer (TPT) facility needs to be activated in your account
    2) The beneficiary needs to be registered i.e added to your beneficiaries’ list. This will take one day after you add. The one day cooling period is basically for security reasons.
    3) Then ofcourse, you need to have money in your account to transfer 😉

  2. yes you can do third party transfer from hdfc bank to icici bank
    no problem in it

    since banks are different, you have to use neft or rtgs transfer

    neft is used for transfers less than 1 lakh
    and rtgs used for greater than 1 lakh

    neft takes around 1 to 3 days
    and rtgs takes around 4 to 6 hours

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