i have 37000 earning/month, i want to invest?

i have rs.37000/month earning. i havent invested any amount for tax saving. looking the present scenario whether i have to invest or wait for some time. where should i invest?

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  1. You may invest in shares / Mutual funds.

    Keep one thing in mind. Dont invest big amount in one company / fund.

    Let your investment be diversified.

    YOu may also think of loan and buy a home / land and keep paying loan. ( It is a good and committed way of investment)

  2. Keeping in mind the high volatility in stocks now a days, dont invest in mutual funds/shares. if u need to invest for tax savings, go for bank fixed deposits for 3/5 years which will give u 10%(i know HSBC will) returns which is pretty decent.
    Please stay away from Mutual funds atleast for this year.Never never invest in ULIPs . u will waste your money. Take some term insurances which will give u 10lakhs coverage for premium of 2000 Rs per YEAR.

  3. Invest in PPF, Mediclaim Policy for your family and your parents, LIC, Mutual fund…..!!
    And calculating the whole amount of your investments, you can open an RD in a Bank & saving there for your yearly payments.In this way, you will not have any problem in paying your yearly premiums.

  4. for the Income tax : Section 80C, 80CCC, 80CCD, 80CCE you can save by this way…if you are intrested in LIC then there is very good plan JIVAN SARAL which not ULIP plan….

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