5 Replies to “I have 25 lakhs but I don’t want to invest in business. I’m looking for a monthly income through the interest ?”

    1. buy a property in creme area & give it to good pvt or public ltd. company on lease u get a 0.80 to 0.85 % per month for first three years than after accourding to yor agreement u get a 15-25% appreciation on your lease agreement. THE MAIN BENEFIT IN THIS OPTION IS THAT U GET A APPRECIATED VALUE WHENVER U SELL PROPERTY.

    2.make a f.d.for short 3-years u get a 1% fixed interest.

  2. certainly ! tax will be deducted at source. if you want monthly income only two options . bank deposits 1 2. is building from where you will get rent for month

  3. buy a good house for below 25lakhs which will fetch you rent as monthly income. It will protects you from the ill effect of inflation. If you could buy a house and still have money put it in Fixed deposit and receive monthly interest.

  4. You can invest in Forex Market…as a forex trader I can help you how to start and more details about fx market. here you can get get very good profits monthly…If you are interested reply back to me…

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