9 Replies to “i have 100000 rupees to invest where should i invest?”

  1. You can invest your money in BAJAJ Insurance. It will give enormous income as you wish. I can make arrangement for that if you wish. Please send me a reply for more details.

    Joseph Sahayaraj
    TLC[BAJAJ] Rep.
    Dindigul, India

  2. i think u should divide ur invest in min two part.
    one invest should be in GOLD. purchase GOLD buscuit. it will give 100% money back. means no reduction in money. if u will purchase for rs 500000 u will surely get 5 times or more than that after 20 yrs.
    and other 500000should also divide in two part.
    invest rs 250000 to any power and energy company
    and remaining to any IT company.

  3. SBI life Unit plus – II is your best solution with life cover for 100 years , you can get the best returns , compare to all other plans this is best solution already i took on my name . if you intrested to know more mailme or call me when u r online.

  4. You have taken the first step towards Financial Planning.

    Term Cover + FD + Post Office + PPF + Shares + Mutual Fund

    this will take care of risk and return

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  6. buy a term for life cover, 30lac cover would cost bet 6k- 7k, Birla dream plan is my choice as pays you back your premiums. Remaining money u
    can diversify in Mutual funds & stocks. However the info given by u is insufficient, as i do not know u r risk appetite, To make it simple apart from this money if u can invest Rs 2000 p.m for 20 yrs, Expecting a return of 20% p.a, u would have accumulated aprox 90lac.For more info mail [email protected]

  7. Dear Tamal,
    First of all never ever invest your whole money in one field or in 1 thing.
    Diversification is the key.
    Divide your money as per your risk appetite and invest accordingly.

    Few investment options are:-
    1. Stock market
    2. Mutual Funds
    3. ULIPS
    4. NSC
    5. Sure return plan
    6. Traditional insurance plan.

    Choose say 4 types from above and divide funds accordingly.

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