One Reply to “I hav a ppf account . Can i open a ppf account for my minor son.?”

  1. Opening an account for a minor :-There have been certain practical hurdles in respect of opening of accounts for minor vis-à-vis some intermediary agencies. This clarification reiterates that as per the rules under PPF scheme, an individual may on his own behalf or on behalf of a minor of whom he is a guardian, open a PPF account. Further, either father or mother can open PPF account on behalf of his / her minor child, but both cannot open the account for same child.

    Let’s say you open an account for your minor child. You can deposit Rs 70,000 in your account and Rs 70,000 in your child’s account. In this case you can in my opinion take the maximum benefit of Rs. 1,00,000/- U/s. 80C. As Limit of Maximum Investment in a year of 70000/- is fixed by Public provident Fund Act not by Income Tax law.

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