3 Replies to “I had chosen to allocate my ICICI Pru insurance premium into the Maximiser Fund. Is this an Open-ended Fund?”

  1. The money you put into mutual funds is not called a premium. Are you sure that you’re not putting your money into a Variable Annuity with Maximiser in the subaccounts? You should make sure your adviser goes over this with you very carefully and you should read up on it to make sure you’re well informed.

    If it is a mutual fund then it’s open-ended. That’s the definition of a mutual fund.

  2. The term you are using relates to mutual fund. Actually there is an IT section 80 (C) and 10 (10D) with your insurance policy restricting you to stay invested. There has to be a 3 year lock in period for every insurance policy, so its a close ended fund you can say.

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