2 Replies to “I had been working in a bank for 25 years,now i want work sitting at home for 2 to 3 hours per day?”

  1. First things first:
    Are you a retired banker? or thinking of VRS?
    Your educational background?
    Where are you staying?
    Will you be comfortable with PR or Marketing work?
    Sorry to ask so many question while answering your querry, but such information is essential before anybody could suggest any work to you. Please give the information.

    Till then, please think on these lines:
    1. If you good in income tax work, get into touch with government employees, banking people and start doing the work.
    2. Start learning about insurance, stock markets, financial products. This will give you good work-line after short-term studies. If possible, try completing certification exams like NCFM. It pays.
    3. Loan documentation is one more area where you could work and earn. Many small firms and individuals need this to do in proper manner. Even housing loans documentation work is given by individuals as it is cumbersome and timeconsuming.

    But as I said, please think on the questions above. If possible do reply. If you are in Mumbai, I may suggest something concrete. ( am based in Mumbai, ex-banker, currently active in stock market operations). My email id : [email protected]

    Best wishes to you.

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