One Reply to “I got a job in London with a monthly salary of 3000GBP. Please tell me is it sufficient for my living in Londo?”

  1. To be honest, it depends upon person to person. No doubt, £3000 would be sufficient for single to live in London, but then it depends on your life style. Are you going to live there single or with your family? (if you are married..) do you have children? coz £3000 should be sufficient for 2 adults, in a moderate life style.
    In london rent will be too high, but if you look out skirts of city, you can find more affordable house. In the outskirts £600-£700 would be sufficient for a seperate apartment of two. But if you are a single and choose to go for a shared house, even £300 can be sufficient. This rent may or may not include council tax, depending upon your contract, which should be around £100. Utility bills (gas, electricity, water) all together should not cost you more than £50 per month, even you choose to live in a seperate apartment. In shared house it will simply get diveided among the number of persons living in house. Phone bill, depending upon your usage will vary from £10 to £75. On an average, for a normal person £40 per month for a phone will be more than sufficient.
    For food, for a single person £50 per month is more than sufficient. If you have wife or partner then you can simply double the amount.
    If you take a monthly pass for train it will be very cheap.

    Considering all your extra expenses, you won’t be spending more than £1500 for a single and at the max £2000 if you are going to live with a family. Deducting tax from remaining £1000 rest all will go to your savings…

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