I dont want a mortgage cause I dont want to help the banks. Where should I live?

If I rent I help the renter pay their mortgage to the banks.
If I buy a house I pay the bank directly.
If I stay in a hotel I pay the manager to pay the owner to pay the banker.
If I sleep in a carboard box then someone else gets the hot babes and gets recognized as worthy in society while he spits at me while sleeping in a nice house and paying the banker.

What would you do in my situation?

11 Replies to “I dont want a mortgage cause I dont want to help the banks. Where should I live?”

  1. Why do you care so little for banks? You think all those employees at banks don’t deserve to get a paycheck and feed their family??!?!!

  2. Parent’s basement. Inevitable.

    Capitalism means you help YOURSELF along with those people making a profit………………….

  3. David Allen Coe is a country music singer. He got mad at the IRS and lived in a cave for at least a year. But that seems pretty extreme to me.

    The way I think of it- is I try and live on less money than I make- so that I have money to help me later in life when I can’t earn so much. If in the process it helps or hurts bankers- is no concern to me.

  4. Theres no way around it you really need to look into buying a home. Like you said renting will only be a waste of your time and money. You need to invest your money not throw it away just make you make a good decision in purchasing something with built in equity – Try going to this link very useful information http://imortgagebank.com/

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