4 Replies to “I don't have Indian ATM card but I've a credit card with VISA logo. How much would be the fee for ATM withdraw”

  1. I am not excatly sure .. but the average fee across all banks is about 2.25% of the amount that you are withdrawing (thats the fee for non India issued ATM cards). You might want to look out for CitiBank and ICICI Bank ATMs.

  2. I think it will deduct the exchange fee as well as the local bank fee.
    for example if $ = 40 rupees and if there is a currency exchange fee of Rs 2. And the local bank will charge you something like Rs 5 on every Rs 100 transaction. Then you withdraw like Rs1000 rupees then your charge will be around 1000/42-1000/100*5
    which equals 958-50 = 905 rupees.

    hope this answers.

    have fun in india.

  3. i think vazer is correct. when i went to india same thing happened but try to withdraw big amount because they are charging each time ATM fee i think 2 or 3 dollar or may be more now depend on your bank. better you can ask to you bank. they will give you full details. may be some bank ATMs have no fee for your bank ATM card.

    OK dude
    enjoy holidays in India

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