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  1. For purchasing NSC or equivalent deposit certificated form Post office no proof is required, Just fill the form along with the payment and the work is done,
    Currently Interest rate for NSC is 8%


  2. It is not required but I would suggest you make a pan card because it is essential for most important investments nowadays. I also prefer PPF to NSC.

  3. Investing in NSC is not good decision.
    Neither Post-Office have good customer service nor they give good return.
    Banks at least wont bother u when u go after 5 years to take money.
    When I went to take money of my NSC after 5 years Post-Master harrassed me saying my signature does not tally.
    Then he said he could not pay so much cash.
    Then he called me 5 times & paid little sum each time.
    So my advice is to open a FDR in bank .
    If u want more return u can invest in STAR AUTO CAB who give 24% PA with 100% BANK GUARANTEE> call them at 01125554312 or 0971705045 tell them my name , they may give u more.