3 Replies to “I am working in IT co and paying tax regularly, I am going to start a business without leaving my job.?”

  1. Hi Radha, it depends very much on which country you live in. In the UK for instance the tax office, HMRC doesn’t really care how many sources of income you have, as long as you pay the correct tax. So for instance if your “normal job” gives you 30,000 per year and you private jobs give you 15,000 per year then you pay tax on 45,000. The main thing is that you pay the tax. The government is only worried when you don’t pay tax on earned income.

  2. Yes , Very Much you can have income under 2 different head. Income Tax of India recognised that one can have income from different heads.
    But remember to use correct ITR ( income tax return forms) while filing your returns at the end of the financial year. Good Luck

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