I am victim of missaling by BHARTI AXA LIFE INSURANCE. Can anybody help me? please…?

I was given two policies by Bharti Axa Life Insurance. But all the commitments were not fulfill and I found that I was cheated by the agents and the company even the bond papers of the first policy are not found till today. Please anybody tell me how can I come out from the net of this company. I have deposited 70000 Rs. as installments , I just want to get my money back. Please help me I am in a great trouble. I sent a complaint to IRDA but not any serious response.

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  1. If they find out about it, yes. It generally falls off after 3 years, for insurance purposes. If they don’t find out about it, then after that time you can breath easier.

  2. How long ago did you get these policies? You say that IRDA responded but it was not a “serious response” It would seem their response was serious but it was not what you wanted to hear. It would be IRDA that would get you “out from the net of this company” if you were actually missold.

  3. Send a notice to the company, with available particulars and seek a copy of the policy as well as a statement of account. Don’t mention that you want to surrender the policy. If you don’t get a reply within 30 days, file a complaint in the consumer forum.
    More pointed advice can not be given in the absence of adequate details.

  4. Respected sir , its really unhappy to face problem when company can`t respond about complaints. By the way you may be continue in touch of IRDA , they will be sort out .

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