3 Replies to “i am thinking about investing in some mutual funds for short term from hdfc,reliance!pls suggest.?”

  1. Hi,

    Do you know anything about MF. Any idea about growth fund, dividend type ? Equity /balanced/hybrid fund ?? If the market direction is not clear , it is dengerous to go for short term. For pure equity/balance fund you should go for 3-5 yrs to get good profit. That to SIP route not one time. For short term you can go only debt fund where profit are less.

    For equity you can consider:
    HDFC prudence -Balanced fund
    Reliance growth fund- Mid cap but mixed type
    HDFC top 200 – Large cap
    HDFC equity- large cap
    DSPBR- top 100 -Large cap
    Franklin India bluechip – Large cap fund
    Sundaram MID Cap fund
    ICICI pru dynamic fund
    Birla sun life equity fund

    HDFC tax saver is good fund-ELSS scheme

    HDFC MIP plan is 80 % debt and 20% equity
    Reliance MIP plan same as above

    At this stage market is very volatile and high. So go for SIP route.Not for lump sum money. Other wise you may loose money. You can spent Rs 5000 to buy fund at first and later go for SIP per month for Rs 1000. Don’t go for more than 3-5 funds.

    Let me know if you have any more queries


  2. HDFC Equity Fund
    Reliance Diversified Power Sector Fund
    Kotak Opportunities Fund

    these are fantastic GROWTH FUNDS
    but you invest with SIP ( systematic investment plan )

  3. Some of the best plans are:

    Reliance Short-term-Growth

    ICICI Prudential Short Term Plan – Growth

    HDFC Short Term Growth Plan
    HDFC Short Term Monthly Dividend Option
    HDFC Short Term Quarterly Dividend Option

    Reliance Short Term Fund-Dividend Re-investment Plan
    Reliance Short Term Fund-Growth Plan
    Reliance Short Term Fund-Quarterly Dividend Plan

    you can invest anywhere between 1 year to 3 years in them.
    They sure are good profitable funds!and the minimum investment is 50,000!

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