I am sure that SENSEX will fall bellow 10000 …. What do you think ?

Technically As well as fundamentally our markets are still weak….. Even after this much bigger falls.

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  1. I dont think so buddy…………………but again market doesnt run on our thoughts…………..lets c wats happ…..

    But, i dont think that it will breach 10K

  2. Technically speaking, even a 50% retracement from the top would take the Sensex to a level of 10,600 points. Fundamentally speaking, there are many factors at play and would have both a positve as well as negative effect on the corporate environment.

    In hindsight, since Jan 2008 we have all seen the Sensex come down from its high of 21,207 points to the present levels and still lower. Further, it is a zero sum game as anyones gain is someone elses loss. The step down of the last 6 months has caused losses to many investors both large and small.

    Most investors expect, that during the coming weeks and months the Sensex would test this level of 10,600 points and some more given the elasticity/volitility of stock prices. However, this is unlikely to happen in the immidiate short term. Mostly, because of the perceived positive events taking place.

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  3. It may fall to those levels.
    It is true that the markets are weak currently. Experts feel that even after such big fall, it is still trading at 15 – 16 times the forward earnings, which is quite hight when compared to other emerging markets.

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