I am presently drawing a salary of 15k including allowances life traveling expenses etc..I am 31ys,is it low?

Compared to my age is it a low salary? I am doing a outdoor pharma sales job.My qual. is also poor like I have only a B.Sc (Pure) Pass Graduation from Calcutta University.My age is 31.So I cant change company easily at this age.Since in pharma field to work as a Med Rep u have to be within 26 max 28!!!
How can I get a better paying in-office/managerial job?
15k pm and not per year!!!

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  1. Yes, that is very low. I don’t know, maybe it has to do with your geographical location. I would do a wage research and see how comparable this is to others in your field with similar qualifications and experience.

  2. Your Sal is way too far less when compared to your age.Just a small question ..when did u complete your BSc.And how many years of Exp u have in your profession.I f u have 4 or more years of exp then get out of that Job and look for better job that can pay u at least 3lacs/annum.Also check if there is anyother field that counts your experience and can pay more at the same time.

  3. hi friend
    the salary is very low because the cost of living is gone very high

    your can do some small part time business that is Multi-Level Marketing since you are a med rep. it would be easy for you.

    you can join the amway business if you work hard for about 2 to 3 years your can earn a better living
    for joining amway you have to be introduced by a amway dealer since i am doing this business i can give this oppurnity to you my name is selva kumar sk and my amway distrubitor no. is 4731019
    join amway and get benefited

  4. I feel that is considerably low and your includes allowances as well, that means your in hand salary is less. If you want to get a better paying job I will advise you to do MBA from a good institution preferably under rank 35. So, after your 2 years of MBA you will definitely earn more than double your present salary which I don’t think would be possible if you continue your current job.MBA is the future and believe me you will never regret your decision of doing MBA.And getting admission in MBA college of rank say 25-30 is not that difficult.

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