8 Replies to “i am planning to invest Rs.50000 that is with me as my savings. kindly suggest me the best option on long term?”

  1. If you can spare the money for 3-5 years invest in some equity diversified Mutual Funds.

    There is no short cut for making money.

    Have a nice day !

  2. out of 50000
    u keep in fixed deposit 15000
    in post office 10000
    rest of ur money in share market wen the sensex falls to 12000 till u keep ur money in sb a/c

    yes u have 2 plan it well like
    20% of ur saving in Fixed deposits
    30% ——-“——- in recurring deposits
    40%——-“——– in Share market
    10% – safety purpose keep it in ur SB a/c

    Don’t invest 100% of ur savings in stock market plan ur investments and the risk factor to be considered while investing
    if u invest and get profit on it then take out ur capital and play in the profit these help in minimization of risk

  3. you have rs 50000 to invest in myfxfunds.com
    their target is 1% to 10% per month with low risk, i strongly recommend
    good luck!

  4. if u have that much money so the best option is gold or insurance. in India , many co.s giving option to invest in insurance in which u have to pay only 50,000 and after 5 or 3 yrs. u will have your money with good and safe interest.
    otherwise u can purchase gold it is another best option.

  5. You can buy some gold and/or silver in 4-5 parts so that u can sell them as per ur requirment.

    the gold and/or which u buy here should not be in the form of jewels or anything like that. It should be “kaccha gold or silver”, so that when u go to market to sell them u do not have to bear any extra charges.

    In such case if u buy gold @1700 /g and u buy 5 g (total cost Rs 8500) of gold and after one year if u go to sell them @1900/g (for ex). u will be paid fully and that is Rs. 9500

    I guess this will be best ….

  6. You are little late in asking. Before,April,09 the interest rates of Banks were quite attractive. Saving in nationalised or sheduled Banks is the best.Nevertheless I suggest following two options.(1) You can invest in ICICIPrue life as one time investment selectimg proper fund and keep a watch on market and change fund before market goes down.or when it reaches top. (2) for safe investment you can invest in RBI bonds if you are not likely to require the funds for 5 years.(3) You can invest in Gold (Bonds) which is not risk free as there is no guarantee that rates will not fall.

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