7 Replies to “I am planning to invest around Rs.500 to Rs.1000 in mutual fund. What is the best option? Please help?”

  1. Hi,
    few things have to be considered before investing.

    1. What is the investment horizon? how far is the goal?
    2. What is your risk appetite?
    3. Where are your other investments?

    If the investment horizon is short ie less than 3 yrs we have to choose different class of mutual funds.
    These things will have impact on your decision making for Mutual fund investment.

    If you are long term oriented ie 5+ yrs choose an diversified equity fund and stay invested and contribute continuosly without looking at market volatility.
    Ex:HDFC Top 200 fund

    Have recommened based on limited info provided by you. Before investing consult a financial planner or certified amfi advisor. If you are from bangalore you can contact me for more info.
    All the best

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