i am plannin to invest in insurance. gimme a nice plan wat u know bout…?

in bajaj allianz one plan goes like this rs.10kp.a. for 3 yrs wil fetch us 310000after 20 yrs. isnt that good? another plan i heard… rs.10kp.a. for 25 yrs wil fetch us 1 crore.. is that true? is there any other better plans to invest.? guide me if u can,,….

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  1. Seems to be good policy…. But i doubt about it…. or u might have not understood the policy clearly. Recently i invested on LIC policy called Bima Gold …. rs 7.5k p.a for 20 years –2,80000 + 10 years for life insurance covered for 1,0000/- after the maturity of the policy….
    Visit http://www.licindia.com

    If you stays in bangalore send me mail to [email protected] …. so that i can help out.

  2. There are three types of insurance policies.
    Term – No investment (hence very cheap premium and good life cover)
    Endowment – Investment in traditional markets ( you get 6-7% return per year and bonuses)
    Unit Linked – They invest in stocks and hence can give higher or lower return depending on market conditon..

    If you are married & have children, then look at insurance as protection and look more at the Sum INsurred then at the returns.

    If you are bachelor and live alone, why invest in insurance.. the whole world of mutual funds, stocks is for you:)

  3. insurance service providers cannot assure any returns; as per regulations. if any advisor is assuring, he or she is misleading. bowever, there is a premium guaranteed scheme, of late.
    best plan depends on your profile; income; needs etc. if i am allowed to give my per id; it is [email protected]. even though i am not an expert; i can share some idea.

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