4 Replies to “i am paying arround 5 lakhs a year as my insurance in hdfc standerd life insuarance,is it worth?”

  1. Insurance is an expense , not an avenue for Investment..

    Insurance money is for a losing cause.

    No insurance policy will make you richer than what you are today.

    No policy will improve the financial condition of your nominees. At the most it will only give a temporary financial relief.

    When it comes to life insurance , stick to PURE TERM PLAN with no maturity value. Have a cover of say 10 times your annual income.

    For investment there are better avenues like a combination of PPF / SIP IN MUTUAL FUNDS / DIRECT EQUITY / REAL ESTATE.

  2. Dear Naveen,

    It is not possible to make an exact prediction without knowing the full details, since they are market dependent.

    We can tell you whether it is worth to stay invested or not ….howver, for tht we shall require the following details :
    1) Name & age of Policy holder
    2) Name & age of Person insured
    3) Amount of Insurance
    4) Amount of premium, mode & tenure
    5) Fund option(s) selected by u
    6) Riders selected by u
    7) Tenure of Policy
    8) Other terms & conditions of Policy
    9) Policy Name

    Revert back to us at [email protected]

    Thnx & rgrds,
    Ruchi Kedia
    Richhpal Financials

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