4 Replies to “I am NRI & I would like to go with retirement plan. Premium will be 100000. Please advice?”

  1. I will suggest you to invest 50% in PPF, 25% in Pension Plan offered by LIC and 25% in Equity/Balanced Mutual Fund depending on your current age and the age at which you wish to retire.

  2. I feel rather investing in retirement plan one should think of investing in sip in mutual funds as they actually help you to achieve your retirement golas

    in mutual fund also many retirement schemes are avaiable but mainly they invest more into debt and less in equity rather best is start investing in equity(diversified and large cap funds) and then gradually change your asset allocation to debt to equity.

    Normally the invest in equity is considered this way
    100- your current age = amount goes to equity and remaining in debt
    Example suppose your current age is 30, so invest 70% in equity and 30% in debt and keep changing asset allocation when you age increase.

    having time period of 15-20 years in equity is considered best.

    I don’t think you are looking for tax saving or Insurance.
    for insurance take pure term plan and invest rest of amount in equity and see the returns
    rather investing in ulip or other products, where good amount is deducted in the form of fees.

    Why one should select Term Plan + mutual Funds??

  3. If you are searching for retirement plans in India, then Future Generali has the best pension plan ( http://www.futuregenerali.in/LifeInsurance/Individual/RetirementPlans/FutureGeneraliPensionPlan.aspx ) that provides duel benefit of investment + savings. It helps you to create regular stream of income after retirement and 100% of your contribution will be credited to Personal Pension Fund Account. This plan provides retirement benefit plus death benefit during accumulation phase.

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