5 Replies to “I am not having any Address proof with me (Because we got transfer)? How can i open a account in a bank?”

  1. Proof of Address is only a requirement to verify your place of residence. It need not be an owned accomodation.

    If u are staying in a rented appartment in Coimbatore, u can ask the society to give a Proof of Address Letter under the Society’s Letterhead.

    Else ask your employer to provide you with one, under the Company’s Letter head. U may give the Company’s address as C/O (care of). In that case, any written communication from the bank to you with reach the Company office address.

    If nothing works, request the bank and buy sometime. Explain your issue of transfer to the bank and they may suggest u an alternative.

  2. Ask ur Employer to certify it…..

    Or give ur Work Place Address….

    Or Give the LEASE DEED…..

    Or get a Residence Certificate from local MRO.

  3. There is no use worrying. Although banks do require address proof, you can still, for the time being tell the concerned bank about your transfer and show them your transfer certificate. In case you are living in a rented house, then u can show the certificate issued by the resident welfare assosciation. Moreover, u can also show the certificate issued by the company wherein the company’s address is written, in case the bank asks for the same.

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  4. Dont worry. Just bring to the bank your document of transfer your job from Madurai to Coimbatore. And produce it to your Coimbatore bank. Open bank account in government bank only. State Bank of India is the best. Because those are trustable. Address proof well just get a real estate agent to prepare a tenancy of agreement copy and hand over it to the bank.

  5. simple you will be staying in a house try the registered rent agreement , or a land line bill, letter from your employer,besides every thing now it is CBS in almost all the banks transfer your old a/c it will take just a minute for the bank

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