I am new to the share market. Watching the current trend the market is really up and i am confused of buying.?

Also let me know some of the scripts in which the risk is medium and some high risk – high return stocks.

I am planning to invest initially 1,00,000.

I am new to the share market. Watching the current trend the market is really up and i am confused of buying.?
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11 Replies to “I am new to the share market. Watching the current trend the market is really up and i am confused of buying.?”

  1. actually what you should do is search for a company who has recently started its business so automaticall its shares would come out soon at low prices apply for shares and wait until company does its profit ……try for shares in herbalife and amway search for them in google.

  2. Better take the route of equity mutual funds.In the mean while,study and learn about Equity Markets and then begin with small investments.Currently the market is highly volatile and even day traders are at a loss to deal with it.However,if you still insist,then try and buy the shares at about the prices indicated against each.1.Fortis healthcare-Rs76-78.2.Power grid corporation-Rs 120-125.3. Unitech-Rs300-315.4.MIC electronics -Rs 460-475.5.Satyam-Rs.410-420.and so on.Remember to sell and book profits when you are able to get 15-20% gains.Good luck.

  3. I have made over 1,000,000 buying pharmaceutical stocks in the past 10 years. It’s a no brainier to me. All the baby boomers are getting old and need medications. Looks at Merk,Smith Kline Glaxo, Beckman Coulter (lab equipment) , Genprobe.
    Merk pays great dividends which are taxed at a max of 15% a year in all higher tax brackets.
    Bank of America pays good dividends. But don’t buy now. Wait until the stock goes lower.
    Good luck John

  4. Friend you should be cautious while investing in any scripts as you have mentioned u r new to this market…still u want to invest then I would suggest u to watch few sectors which will grow up and will give better returns…power, telecom, hotel industry, banking…they are few sectors which are less risky…if u want to invest for a period of 6-12 months then I would suggest u to invest in RELIANCE NATURAL RESOURCES LIMITED, RPL, POWER GRID CORP, UCO BANK, HOTEL LEELA, RELIANCE ENERGY… however you should still consult first before investing in any way…if u want to have return upto25-30% per annum and want ur money to remain safe then u should go for Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) funds…Good Luck

  5. select companies on the basis of their fundamentals i.e. profit trends, earning per share and its trend, price earnin ratio. concentrate on blue chips included in the stock exchange index. buy on every decline and hold for long term. avoid speculation and short term trading. over a period of time, your wealth will increase manifold.

  6. If you are confuse and unsure invest in mutual fund it does not matter if the Nav is high or low and it is very secure go for SBI and Reliance.


  8. Every time is a good time to start. If we wait for market to correct, then continuously we will be only watching it. You may invest in several booming sectors like Power, Naturtal resources etc., Try to invest in stages and diversify your portfolio, there are good scrips like RPL,RNRL, Power Grid, IFCI etc., which will give excellent returns in the long run. You may try,

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