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  1. observer the market regularly for two weeks and select a few scrips, and invest very little amount and keep on watching the market and study regularly corporate news . After 3 months assess yourself what to do what not to do .

  2. You have opened a demat account with a Broker House or a Bank.
    If with a Bank than you have to open a Broking a/c with a broking house who will carry out your orders of buy and sell.
    when the shares are bought the Broker will deposit the same in your demat a/c. when the shares are sold through your broker you have to give delivery from your demat account by filing the necessary pay in slip within 24 hours and well in time of the pay out date.
    There are Brokers who have Demat facility with them. As such shares when bought and sold are accounted for directly to your demat account with the said broker without your having to give any slip for release.
    since you are a new to this trade, consult a friend who deals in share market. Study with him how the transactions are bought and sold. Avoid day trading and undertake delivery based transactions. futures & options , Put and call options should be avoided till such time you master the art of share trading. Do not go on hearsay reports and buy. Technicals are important. Do invest in recognised shares of A group companies. Prepare to face losses and than only you will gain. Do not invest in share market on borrowed funds. This may prove very costly and losses will mount without recovery in sight.
    These are but a few brief guidelines. Your Broker should be a friend and well wisher also whose guidance you can undertake after a few experiences to your satisfaction. Be patient and do not panic when the market slides down drastically.

  3. Its nice that you are taking a step towards making your mind getting brushed .Why am i telling you is this coz every investor in the share market has a General Knowledge much far better than an ordinary person.

    Its very important to know where have you opened your Demat a/c coz if you have your demat a/c theough then its not an wise coz you shld have your demat a/c from the Brokerage companies,coz you shld try to follow the market for yourself and doe not allow banks to handle your a/c.The benefit in opening dmat a/c from brokerage home is that you can trade as per your will and the service provided from this institution will fetch u a lot.

    Above that its compulsory to have trading a/c.Its the only a/c which allows you to trade and check your a/c on your personal.

    Study the market condition and the 52week average moving of all the company shares.It shows how the market is moving and at what points th company is getting benefited and the mostly the brokerage charges coz if u purchse the share at 30 rupees try to add extra one rupee more coz the share u purchased has been costed u excluding the brokerage charge and same would be the case in selling.

    The brokerage charges are as follows:

    company Intraday Delivery
    indiainfoline 0.04 0.40
    Motilal ” ”
    Icici 0.05 0.50
    and the rest of themi dont remember now

    intrday means the F&O segments here u need to buy and sell the shares within the closing hours for this the company gives u exposure.It shld not be utilised in inflation.You can even hold the money for next day but conditions applied

    Delivery is used for the longterm or more than one day.

    these are only my point of view better to consult with your advisor.

  4. You need to have a trading account opened with any of the stock broker. Usually you can open this with the same person with whom you have opened the demat a/c.

    Read this good tutorial here on the basics of beginning trading in the market :