I am looking low cost web design solution for my real estate business?


is anybody now real estate website design solution for real estate website.. my budget is only $50 for entire website..

I am looking professional and CMS based website for real estate that i can updated content and property myself.

Tell me any company who is providing low cost web design solution for real estate website.

I am looking low cost web design solution for my real estate business?
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  1. You can only use those approved by your MLS board if you are going to be using any feeds.

    No one can set up a website in an hour or so, you need to think about paying a decent wage and allowing a decent amount of time to accomplish this.

  2. Both Google and Yahoo run web-hosting services for about $30 per year and offer tools and advice so that you can build the site yourself. I’d recommend that you have a good look at websites of other successful businesses in your field and see what type of information is included, how its organised, what colour schemes they use, etc and then work from there. It’s quite easy to design your own website these days.

  3. Hi..

    I know a compnay that is providing a low cost web design solution just only $50 and shopping cart solution just only $100 with unlimited products and unlimited web pages

    company providing best web design solution for Real Estate Website, Gift Website, Jewellery Website.. any many more categories.

    Please check http://www.22websitedesign.com and company is : 22 Website Design – Web Design Company

  4. I recommend looking into Office Live Small Business. It’s an extremely inexpensive option – as little as $15/yr – and it produces professional and effective results. You can choose your own domain name (www.yourbusiness.com). You get your own @yourbusiness.com email address to help manage your client relationships and contacts. And, it’s template-based, so you don’t need to learn how to code to create and maintain your site.

    You can read more about it here: http://bit.ly/brMaWJ

    Hope this helps!

    Microsoft Office Live Outreach Team

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