5 Replies to “I am looking for personal loan to start an online business.Whom should I approach?”

  1. Dear frnd, it doesn’t seem you are in the right place of asking such a question.
    You don’t get r8 answers here.
    So its best you go to some bank officials and talk there. personal experiences have said that govt. banks take cheaper interests.
    So my advice go for it if possible.
    And pray so that you may succeed.
    Hope this helps.

  2. In Bangalore there are many natioanlised banks.
    contact any bank branch manager near your
    location will give you the best advise.

  3. Hello am stella maris from texas and I want to let you know is very hard getting a loan this days mostly when you have bad credit score and you know xmas is getting closer but I manage to secure a loan from an international lender last week. You can also obtain a loan from them by contacting them via email [email protected]. Have a nice day.

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